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IKO Asphalt Shingle Limited Warranty
Congratulations on your purchase of IKO asphalt roof Shingles. Your choice gives you a roof backed by over 60 years of experience in making high quality products for homes across North America.


This brochure explains the details of the limited warranty IKO provides on your Shingles after they have been installed on your roof. Read it carefully to ensure you are well-informed about the warranty coverage for your purchase. Also, remember that your contractor or roofer is not an employee or representative of IKO. This limited warranty can only be changed if such change is in writing and signed by an authorized corporate officer of IKO. IKO is not bound by any guarantees, warranties or representations or any change to this limited warranty made by your contractor, roofer or by any other person not an authorized corporate officer of IKO. IKO’s Limited Warranty and your coverage is detailed in this booklet (the “Limited Warranty”). If you have questions about that coverage, contact IKO directly for assistance.


There are many terms in this Limited Warranty that have specific meanings. VIEW WARRANTY