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Re-roofing and Repairs Tips

Choosing a roofing contractor
After selecting a shingle style and colour, the next step is selecting a roofing contractor. This is an important step in the process and should not be taken lightly.

It is important to do your homework since not all roofing contractors are alike. Some are more committed to their workmanship and after-sales service than others. Some may have better trained installers. There may even be contractors on shaky financial ground who will not survive long enough to provide the roofer's warranty service.

A contractor who stands behind his work typically has a good reputation in the community and wants to keep that reputation by making sure his customers are satisfied. Take whatever time is necessary to select the right contractor. Having the right contractor can make a big difference.


Points to consider when assessing the qualifications of various contractors:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Are they insured? Does this include worker's compensation and general liability?
  • Will they provide you with the names and phone numbers of customers whom you may call for a reference?
  • Do they have a satisfactory record with your local Better Business Bureau?
  • Are they willing to put all agreements, promises and understandings in writing?

The contractor agreement

Make sure all agreements and promises from the contractor are provided in writing. Having this information in written form protects you and your investment. It allows you to see what the contractor plans to do with your home and what he will charge to do this work. It also provides you with a written warrantee on his workmanship. It is vital that you retain this and any other information given to you by the contractor. When reviewing the agreement with the contractor make sure to address some of the important point below to your mutual satisfaction. Contractors are not authorized IKO agents.

What should appear on a contractor's agreement?

  • A detailed contractor's warranty on his workmanship, including the appearance of the finished job, the length of the warranty, and a description of how problems will be handled.
  • An accurate description of the shingle and other roofing products to be installed.
  • Full compliance with the manufacturer's recommended method of installation.
  • Timelines for starting and completing the work.
  • Protection of your home from inclement weather during installation.
  • Clean-up and appearance of the worksite.
  • Property damage caused by the contractor and his workers.
  • How charge orders are to be handled and priced.
  • Payment terms and conditions.
  • All verbal discussions pertaining to the job should be put into a written contract.


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